Coastal Porches

Front porches, back porches, patios and decks... places of relaxation, entertainment, good conversation or peaceful solitude.  We are drawn to making these outside spaces inviting and comfortable and what is more inviting than a coastal look with crisp whites, fresh blues and neutral grays and tans or create an exciting beach look with the bright colors of beach towels and beach umbrellas.

What makes a great outdoor space?  Let's look at functionality and how you should design your space for your individual lifestyle.  We will also look at decorating choices to make your outdoor space inviting and comfortable.

What is your outdoor lifestyle like?  Do you like to dine outdoors or do you want your outdoor space exclusively for relaxing?  Should your design focus around family space to include kids and pets or do you want to incorporate hobbies such as container gardening.  

Do you want to make your porch a private area if you have close neighbors or do you want it open and inviting for neighbors to drop by for a neighborly chat?  You can make it private with draperies, shutters or as shown in the picture below a simple roll type fencing material creates a privacy barrier that adds an island look and plenty of shade for the hammock.



Consider the placement of your porch with regards to summer sun and heat levels in your area.  If you have sun baking in one side of your porch making it too bright and too hot, consider adding some white drapes to reflect the sun from the porch.  Hot porch decks can feel cooler with outdoor area rugs. 


The colors in the porch above are lively and yet coastal with accents of orange to spice up the traditional blue and white coastal colors.

Do you like to use your porch in the evening?  Adding some outdoor table lamps will make for a cozy porch and a few lightweight throws are great for when a coastal breeze picks up in the evening. In the picture above table lamps have been added to the dining area of the porch for cozy evening dining. There are many outdoor lamps available that don't even need to be in an area protected from rain. Make it extra special with some lighted candles in wind protecting glass containers..  

This porch area is as brightly colored as any bright beach towel with gorgeous shades of pink orange and yellow.  Note that this area features long bench style cushions right on the deck with a comfy backing from plenty of brightly colored pillows.  This is a great area for kids and teens.  The other side of this porch includes an area with the same colorful accessories but in taller benches with the cushions on top of the benches, easier for adult relaxation and entertaining.

 Make your porch fit your lifestyle.  If you like to write at a desk add an attractive painted desk to your porch.  Here is one example.  Painted with durable outdoor paint it should be able to withstand the elements and be a wonderful addition to your porch!

Adding painted vintage furniture to your porch can give it a very comfortable look.  Use tables, chest of drawers, rocking chairs and such painted in coastal or beachy bright colors for a really unique look!  You can see the outdoor decor items we have on our website and we will be adding more daily and also giving you some DIY ideas for your porch on our DIY blog.

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