Monkey Knot Tie Backs

Learn how to tie a monkey knot and make wonderful tie backs for your draperies using neutral natural rope or colored rope. 

Nautical knot with rope – Monkey’s fist.

Supplies: Rope approximately 5-6 meters and a bead or ball 40 mm. 

Wrap the rope around 4 of your fingers.

When you have 5 wraps, remove your fingers and wrapt it 5 times around the three lengths right where you middle and ring finger were.

How many wraps you choose to wrap is going to decide the size of your knot – Just make sure that your wrapping is going to cover the center (the bead) fully – remember to place the bead in the center of your wrapping.

Make 5 more turns by passing the end of the rope inside the first set of turns but outside the second set.

Tighten you rope and make it firm.  We suggest using very chunky rope for this project.

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